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Five Tips for Traveling with Diabetes

If you have diabetes, it's essential to take care of yourself while traveling.

Whether you're going on a vacation or a business trip, planning ahead can help you manage your diabetes and stay healthy. Here are five tips to help you pack your diabetic supplies, diabetic test strips, Dexcom, and Omnipods for your next trip.

  1. Pack Extra Diabetic Supplies

It's always a good idea to pack more diabetic supplies than you think you'll need. This includes insulin, syringes, lancets, test strips, and any other supplies you use to manage your diabetes. Make sure to pack enough supplies to last you throughout your trip, plus a few extra in case of unexpected delays.

  1. Keep Your Diabetic Supplies in a Carry-On Bag

When traveling by air, always keep your diabetic supplies in your carry-on bag. This will ensure that you have access to your supplies in case your checked luggage gets lost or delayed. Remember to label your supplies clearly and let the TSA agent know that you have diabetic supplies in your bag.  TSA keeps a list of restricted items that might be good to review.

  1. Store Your Diabetic Test Strips Properly

Diabetic test strips are sensitive to temperature and humidity, so it's important to store them properly. Keep them in a cool, dry place, and avoid exposing them to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. Consider using a travel case designed specifically for diabetic supplies to help keep them organized and protected.

  1. Use Dexcom and Omnipods to Monitor Your Blood Sugar Levels

Dexcom and Omnipods are two innovative devices that can help you monitor your blood sugar levels while traveling. Dexcom is a continuous glucose monitoring system that tracks your glucose levels throughout the day and sends alerts if your levels get too high or too low. Omnipods are insulin pumps that deliver insulin to your body throughout the day. Both devices can be a great help in managing your diabetes while on the go.  Valley Rain Medical has great prices on all diabetic supplies. 

  1. Keep Your Doctor's Contact Information Handy

Finally, it's important to keep your doctor's contact information handy while traveling. This includes the phone number of your primary care physician, endocrinologist, and any other healthcare professionals you see for your diabetes. In case of an emergency or unexpected medical issue, you'll want to be able to reach out to your doctor for guidance and support.

In conclusion, traveling with diabetes requires careful planning and preparation.

By following these tips and packing your diabetic supplies, diabetic test strips, Dexcom, and Omnipods properly, you can ensure that you stay healthy and manage your diabetes effectively while on the go.